Services & Rates

Massage Therapy

30 to 120mins : $30 to $120

At The Balance Institute, all services are tailored to clients' needs and are adjusted as their needs change. The Balance Institute personnel work with you to monitor your ongoing progress and adjust the combination of services to match your immediate needs whether for therapeutic massage/bodywork, personal training, or other services we offer. You can change your service provider with ease. You can match your desired speed of progress to suit your time availability and your pocket book. You can take advantage of service packages that save you money. You can trade personal training hours for massage sessions, when your trainer is also a licensed massage therapist.

Personnel are contracted directly for appointments.

Visit the About Us page for individual therapist information or call 803-796-4807 to speak to the therapist directly.

Massage therapies offered:

Find n Treat - by Debra Gallup and Sherry Goodrich

  • Find the source of pain and use multiple techniques to treat

Swedish - by Debra Gallup and Sherry Goodrich

  • Relaxing stokes known for needed relaxation, Should be First introduction to massage

Hot Stone - by Debra Gallup and Sherry Goodrich

  • Smooth warm stones incorporated with the use of hands

PreNatal - by Debra Gallup and Sherry Goodrich

  • Gentle massage for Moms to be

Hand n Foot Reflex - by Debra Gallup

  • Massage of hands and feet working reflex points to reduce pain and improve function

NeuroMuscular - by Debra Gallup and Sherry Goodrich

  • Using specific pressures to reduce pain in areas of "knots" and Trigger points

Myofascial - by Jan Shaw

  • Treats bound up fabric of the body to soften and mobilize it

Pain Neutralization Technique - by Sherry Goodrich

  • Reduce pain naturally with combination of Myofascial and Trigger point therapy

Chair Massage - on location - Debra Gallup

  • Massage is preformed in a chair at business and events



Personal Training

30 to 60 minutes: varies

Jan Shaw, Personal Trainer - Click Here


Personal Training

Your personal training sessions begin with a review of your medical history, current complaints, concerns and goals. Jan will hear your story and ask you questions. You will then move confidently through a series of exercise tests to determine your current safe abilities. She then designs a program based on your capabilities, goals, and comfort level, and works at your pace to assure you remain safe and confident.

Jan's past healthcare experience includes cardiac, respiratory, physIcal, work injury, and spinal rehabilitations.

Her technique is to assign exercise that is functional with as much variety as possible.

Her Personal Training gym is private for conversation, movement abilities, and for those who are self-conscious in other gym atmospheres.

Common client goals include:

better endurance
better leg strength
to eliminate under arm "wings"
improve abdominal strength
reduce back pain